Honoring the First Innovator for the Wheelchair that Can Be Moved by the Brain Signals at the AOI


Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) Lieutenant General Abdel-Aziz Seif-Eldeen underscored that the criteria of the development of any nation measured by the amount of innovators and inventors of its people.

"People with disabilities are truly full of ability. Whoever cares for resolving the problems of the countrymen are the worthiest of care and support," he added

At the headquarters of the AOI, Seif-Eldeen honored a 18-year-old, thin, black young man, Abdel-Rahman Al-Shazly, known as the young innovator, as his mind is full of many thoughts and dreams that outweigh his age and his thin body. 

It is worthy to mention that the wheelchairs can be moved by brain signals and that is thought to be the first scientific invention of its kind which can bring Egypt in the group of the developed states in the field of the mobility assistive technology devices for people with physical disabilities.

Abdel-Rahman is fond of science since his childhood. Year after year, the love of science is increasingly taking root. His father foresees his brilliant mind for his son's knowledge of computer usage and its programs. His father helps him a lot by advising him to go to many technology and science centers and clubs. 

"It did not stop at that as the son has acted quickly to prepare and educate himself by buying a collection of books and computer programs that helps him a lot in developing his talent and skills in using computer.

Seif-Eldeen expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude to this ambitious young man who are looking for solving the problems of his country by applying his innovation in a national organization as the AOI without aiming for profit or help from foreign counterparts.

The chairman of the AOI asserted the importance of supporting youth-led innovation and providing the necessary facilities for implementing and developing their innovations. The AOI is fully prepared to receive youth of any age to adopt their innovative thoughts and inventions to reach practical application.